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welcome to nhk world "newsline" on this national holiday. police in south korea are investigating what they suspect is a cyber attack against the media and financial institutions. computer networks at key media outlets and major banks shut down, leaving employees staring at blank monitors and people unable to withdraw cash from atms.
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[ speaking foreign language ] >> south korea's public broadcaster, kbs, says its network suddenly froze, affecting thousands of computers. police say at least two other broadcasters have reported similar problems. spokespersons for shinhan bank say their automatic teller machines stopped working at around the same time. the national police agency has dispatched cyber terrorism investigators to the affected companies. a south korean communications commission official gave an update from seoul. >> translator: we have confirmed computer hacking put a malicious program into the network. >> a south korean defense ministry representative says i.t. personnel have found no signs of any problems with their computer network. he says they have raised their information warfare alert system as a precaution. people in south korea's presidential office have also
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taken action. a spokesperson says president park geun-hye assigned her officials to quickly restore the network to its normal status and find out what caused the outage. government and opposition forces in syria are pointing fingers at each other after an attack in the northern city of aleppo. at least 25 people were killed. more than 100 wounded. both sides claim whoever was responsible used chemical weapons. state-run tv aired video of the wounded over and over. the agency reported what it called terrorists fired a missile containing a chemical substance. the government regularly uses the term "terrorist" when referring to opposition forces. members of the opposition free syrian army deny the accusations. they say government forces were behind the attack. officials from the russian foreign ministry issued a statement supporting the syrian government's claim. but white house spokesperson jay
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carney said they have no evidence to back up the charge that the opposition used chemical weapons. people in japan are looking back on a painful period in heir history. wednesday is the 18th anniversary of the 1995 attack on tokyo's subway system. members of the aum shinri kyo cult released sarin gas in trains and stations killing 13 people and hurting more than 6,000. subway officials memorialized at one of the stations in central tokyo. they prayed at 8:00 a.m. the time the coordinated attacks began. relatives of the victims went to the ceremony. they offered flowers for the loved ones they lost. this woman was among the attendees, the widow of a deputy station master who died in the attack. >> translator: 18 years have passed.
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but i still recall the shock of the attack as though it just happened yesterday. we must keep the memory from fading. >> judges on japan's supreme court had finalized death ntences for 13 people for their role in the attacks, and other crimes. aum shinri kyo's founder matsumoto is one of the death row convicts. a pakistani girl who was shot for promoting girls' education has returned to school. in october, a taliban gunman stormed onto a bus and shot malala yousafzai in the head. now she's returned to school in the uk. malala will attend a girls school in birmingham. she's 15 years old. she said restarting school is a dream come true. >> i think it is the happiest moment that i'm going back to my school. i want to learn how to bring
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change in this world and how should i work for the happiness and for the education of the girls. >> malala was airlifted from pakistan to britain a week after she was shot. doctors in birmingham performed several surgeries to repair her skull. malala and her family remained in the uk so she could undergo rehabilitation. kim jong-un holds all the top posts in north korea. leader of the ruling party, the military, and the stage. he's now reported to have a new title, dad. sources say he's now the father of a baby girl. one source learned about the birth from an official from the ruling korean workers party. former u.s. basketball player dennis rodman made a controversial visit to pyongyang last month. he told britain's sun newspaper that kim's wife talked about her newborn daughter, at a banquet. rumors began to circulate late last year that ri sol ju was
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expecting. she is reported to have given birth in january. observers say she must have, as she looks slimmer in recent pictures. one of the late princess diana's most famous gowns has gone under the hammer in london. an anonymous buyer spent more than $360,000 on the dress she wore to dance with actor john travolta. the winning bidder says he bought it to cheer up his wife. a vintage fashion auctioneer sold ten of diana's dresses for $1.3 million. the late princess originally sold the pieces at a charity auction in new york shortly before her death in 1997. the item that drew the highest bid was the velvet gown diana wore to a white house dinner in 1985.
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she was photographed on the dance floor with the "saturday night fever" star. most of the bids came from abroad. the museums in britain snapped up two of the gowns. tokyo's station and new york's grand central station have become sisters. grand central celebrated its 100th anniversary last month and tokyo station will do the same next year. ♪ the station masters of the two landmarks held a twinning ceremony in new york on tuesday. they signed an agreement and exchanged caps. the union is being celebrated with visitors enjoying sake and ichiban lunch backs like those sold at japanese railway stations.os like those sold at japanese railway stationxs like those sold at japanese railway stationes like those sold at japanese railway stations like those sold at japanese railway stations like those sold at japanese railway stations like those sold at japanese railway stationos like those sold at japanese railway stationxs like those
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sold at japanese railway stationes like those sold at japanese railway stations. >> i've never been, so i'll have to come and see it now and drink more sake. but, you know, it's great that two cities can unite through their history. >> the festivities will continue until thursday. and now here's the weather forecast.
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that's "newsline" for this hour. i'm gene otani in tokyo. have a great day, wherever you are. -- captions by vitac --
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